Communication and Media Research (Master of Arts)

Regular course length: 4 semesters
Course leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Media Management

In respect to both teaching and research, the Department of Journalism and Communication Research (Institut für Journalistik und Kommunikationsforschung - IJK) at the HMTMH is one of Germany’s leading institutions in the field of communication science. This is regularly confirmed by independent evaluation studies, for example the CHE Higher Education Ranking Commission, in which the IJK was evaluated by students as occupying first place in the country in 2008. This is a clear demonstration of the excellence of the education we provide, and one we are very pleased about.
Our Master program Media Management gives students the knowledge and skills required to work independently on a sound academic base in managerial positions in a variety of fields within the media.

  1. Program content and objective
    The media managers of the future are trained at IJK. The right mixture of practical and academic skills gives IJK graduates an outstanding preparation for future positions as experts and management both inside and outside of the media sector. The program equips students with a thorough knowledge of the organisation and function of media systems and media corporations, supplemented by a sound understanding of the fields of business and management. Special emphasis is placed on developing a high level of professional competence in the assessment and application of empirical methods towards designing and implementing research surveys. The knowledge and skills gained are put to practice in research seminars, to foster the ability to work as a member of a team and to make systematic, structured and professional presentations.
  2. Who is the program aimed at?
    Around 20 students are admitted to the Master program each semester. A successful applicant will require Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science or in another field of social sciences or economics/business administration with a connection to the media with a final grade of at least “good”. Very good knowledge of research and empirical methods used in the social sciences are essential.
  3. Career outlook
    The IJK academic program qualifies you for a broad range of professions in which a special knowledge of media, a pronounced capacity for analytic thought and the ability to find structured and practical solutions to issues are required.
    Surveys among graduates have shown that our former students are working above all in the fields of consultancy, market and opinion research, marketing, internal and external communication, academic research and teaching as well as in project management for a wide variety of businesses. Thus the circle of potential employers goes far beyond classic media corporations such as publishing houses or communication agencies. The fact that you will have exceedingly good career prospects can also be demonstrated in figures: on average, our graduates commence working within only two months of completing their studies.

The Institute of Journalism and Communication Research
Professional and practical training combined with intensive personal support: the IJK offers an environment which is at once demanding and caring, in which our students are prepared in the best possible way for the challenges of professional life. This makes our institute first choice for holders of Bachelor’s degrees who are interested in following an academically sound management-related media program. This is demonstrated not only by our top positioning in the CHE ranking mentioned above, but also by the practical experience of our graduates:

At the IJK one learns not only the subject matter, but essentially two other things as well: on the one hand, one is trained to think in an analytical and structured way, and on the other hand, thanks to the small numbers attending the seminars and lectures, the ability to work as one of a team is fostered. Both of these are invaluable requirements for a successful career. (Jan Bayer, General Manager of the Hamburg Regional Newspapers Group of Axel Springer AG)

My experience at the IJK was that the course demands and fosters three very valuable qualities above all: clear, analytical and critical thinking, a strong feeling of responsibility and an invaluable curiosity with regard to everything connected with communication in the outside world. (Katrin Seegers, General Manager of Scholz & Friends, Zurich)


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Communication and Media Research M. A.

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Communication and Media Research M. A.

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