Media and Music (Master of Arts)

Course leading to the degree of Master of Arts
Regular course length: 4 semesters

The central element in the Master program Media and Music is music distribution within society. Students can specialise in music journalism/PR or strategical management (production development, distribution, perception and utilisation of music). Accordingly, graduates work as journalists, PR specialists or managers in the media and music sectors. This Master program, which is unique in Germany, brings together fields of competence at the HMTMH which enjoy particularly high recognition in Germany and internationally: Communication Science and Musicology. It is distinguished on the one hand by its transdisciplinary knowledge, and on the other hand in that it equips students with outstanding practical professional skills.

  1. Program content and objective
    The Master program consists of a foundation phase and a project phase, with a total of six modules. After an introductory module, the foundation phase makes those new students who come from the field of musicology familiar with major research findings and the methodologies of communication science. Graduates with a Bachelor in Communication Science or related subject are made familiar with musicological issues. In the third module, all students come together to acquire intensive knowledge in the fields of management and journalism/PR.
    In the second year, during the project phase, the students begin specialising in either communication or management. A wide variety of project types - design, journalistic or research projects – make for a thorough professional training upon which the department places particular importance.
  2. Classes
    Classes are a mixture of the classic forms of lecture, seminar and practical experience. However, the outstanding feature and the core of the Master program in Media and Music is the project phase in the second year of study. Here, students work in teams under professional guidance and learn how to plan, develop and implement practical media and academic projects on an interdisciplinary basis. In addition to renowned researchers and faculty members of the HMTMH, classes are also given by numerous outstanding lecturers from the private sector.
  3. Who is the program aimed at?
    Applicants should generally be in possession of a Bachelor degree in Communication Science, Journalism, Media Science or in Musicology. Those who have completed music-related performance or academic programs may also apply.
    In each case, admission to the Master program in Media and Music presupposes a degree with the grade of at least “good” (2.5). In addition, a particular aptitude for the areas featured in the Media and Music program is expected, as is proficiency in the German Language (DSH examination level 2 or a comparable examination). This applies to applicants who are not in possession of a German matriculation certificate or have not taken their first degree at a German-speaking institution.
    Applicants who do not play a musical instrument can also apply for the Media and Music program.
  4. Career outlook
    The degree qualifies graduates for all professions concerned with music distribution throughout society. The program also prepares graduates for careers as music journalists, in public relations departments of music companies, event organisers or as executives in the media or music sectors.
  5. Application procedure
    The Department of Journalism and Communication Research (IJK) accepts 19 new students into the Master program every year. The Academic year begins in the Winter Semester. Applications must be sent by June 1st  (post date) to the following address:
    Masterstudiengang Medien und Musik, Institut für Journalistik und Kommunikationsforschung, Expo-Plaza 12, 30539 Hannover.
    You can download the necessary documents for your application from the IJK website ( For information (only available in German), please click here.

Department / Faculty
The Media and Music program is at the Department of Journalism and Communication Research (IJK) of the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH). This department is one of the top addresses for Communication Science in Germany with regard to both research and teaching. The mixture of practical and academic media content gives IJK graduates an outstanding preparation for future expert and managerial positions in the media sector. The IJK has spacious premises with state-of-the-art equipment, located in the Kurt Schwitters Forum on the former Expo site. 

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Media and Music (Master of Arts)

Representative Professor

  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter

    Professor of Media and Music Management

    Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Institute of Journalism and Communication Research
    Expo Plaza 12, 30539 Hannover

    Phone: +49 (0)511 3100-494
    Fax: +49 (0)511
    More information:

Student Registration & Examination Office

  • Robyn Moore-Memis

    Department for Studies and Teaching | Examination Board IJK

    Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Institute of Journalism and Communication Research
    Expo Plaza 12, 30539 Hannover

    Phone: +49 (0)511 3100-497
    More information:

    Office hours: Mo-Do 9-16 Uhr | Fr 9-15 Uhr

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