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Since winter term 2023/24, the HMTMH no longer accepts new students as saxophone majors in the musical performance programme. It is currently unclear whether there will be entrance examinations for the double bass major in winter term 2024/2025. As soon as this has been clarified, corresponding information will appear on this page. Should entrance exams be offered, we will post the relevant information on the application procedure.

Regular course length 4 semesters
Course leading to the degree of Master of Music

Course content and objectives
The course for the Master’s degree in Musical Performance is intended to give the student a greater depth of mastery of his or her instrument, personal interpretational skills and personal style, and so to foster the development of an outstanding artistic personality. The associated skills go far beyond what is generally demanded of candidates for positions in orchestras or comparable jobs.
Enhancing the mastery of an instrument and the student’s artistic individuality in this way requires a curriculum that is at one and the same time highly concentrated and highly flexible. Accordingly, an even more pronounced emphasis is placed on developing the student’s skills in his or her principal instrumental study subject than is the case during the Bachelor’s degree course. Individual tuition is supported by obligatory participation in orchestral playing and/or chamber music. In addition, a subsidiary subject is offered which, in consultation with the principal subject tutor, may be chosen completely freely, basically from the entire spectrum of courses available at the HMTMH, to match the individual student‘s existing knowledge and skills and the profile that he or she wishes to develop.

Who is the course aimed at? / Career outlook
Outstanding graduates of instrumental performance courses (with a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification) who possess an out-of-the-ordinary stage presence may apply for admission to this Master’s degree course. Whether the candidate possesses the particular degree of artistic aptitude required for the Master’s degree course will be determined in an acceptance procedure (admission examination). The Master’s degree course aims to prepare students for solo careers or to occupy prominent positions in orchestras or ensembles.

Programme learning outcomes



  • Excellent know-how in the artistic instrumental field, related to the own instrument and in interaction with other instrumental genres, singers, etc. The spectrum of interpretation covers all styles from historical music to contemporary composition;
  • Instrumental competitiveness of the graduates worldwide;
  • International comparability of the artistic education;
  • The education includes a focus on strengthening and exploring individual artistic expression. Artistic maturity is clearly audible in dealing with and knowledge of composers/composition. The aim is to achieve the highest quality of instrumental playing and well thought-out and felt connections in the interpretative/artistic/conceptual process;
  • As a result of their studies, graduates achieve the ability to lead active discussions in the social debate about music, to reflect on it and to give an important contribution to music education and music itself;
  • Through the opportunities provided by the university, there is a wide-ranging practice for performances within the university area, but also outside through cooperations. This results in the ideal routine for the students to acquire self-confidence and strengthen self-esteem in performances and, moreover, to be able to mature and develop their future profession through a wide variety of performance constellations.

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Video about teaching and practicing with HMTMH Prof. Frank Bungarten, guitar.
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Representative Professor

Examination Office

  • Cordula Ratajczak

    Department for Studies and Teaching | Examination Board Musical Performance B. Mus./M. Mus., Composition B. Mus./M. Mus.

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Student Registration Office

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