Voice, Opera concentration (Master of Music)

Regular duration of study 4 Semester
Graduate degree Master of Music

This masters programme offers training toward the specific goal of professional opera singing and offers a course including extensive practical experience. Role study and stage experience are emphasized in addition to the applied major in vocal studies.

Graduates are expected to be prepared to enter the professional opera world upon completing this course and to have the qualities needed to build a long-term stage career.

University opera productions and co-operation with local theatres enable students to gather practical experience on stage. The opportunity to participate in Master Classes with personalities renowned in the opera world, and auditions for agents complete the programme.

Programme content:

The artistic subjects are central to this programme: Applied Voice, Acting classes, Role Study and Opera Ensemble and the opera productions. The unit on stylistic practise rounds out the artistic programme with work on Lied and oratorio repertoire as well as early and contemporary music.

Furthermore, we offer specific language training for operatic singing and Italian opera, Speech training (German) and further standard languages, such as French and Russian. Movement class, stage dancing and sight reading round out the artistic training.

Performance and audition training and seminars in business practise and contract law provide important additional information for the professional singer. Two semesters of musicology and a masters thesis are required in addition to the practical training.

What is special about this programme?

This opera Masters includes an unusual amount of one-to-one training including not only applied voice, but also demanding role study and acting lessons on a high artistic level. Opera ensembles offer the opportunity to work through complete operas with all roles cast. Language and diction training will be offered in both in small groups and individually.

The Richard Jakoby Saal with nearly 500 seats and located in the main building of the Hochschule is used for opera productions. A fully equipped stage including an orchestra pit, it offers the perfect hall for professional level performances.

A movement class and stage dancing round out the programme. An individual programme of repertoire studies in further styles and historic periods, participation in projects in early and contemporary music, Lied and oratorio is also required of Masters students.

Who should apply?

This course is intended for graduates of a Bachelor or comparable programme who are planning a career specifically in opera.

Programme learning outcomes


The objective of the Master's degree program in Voice/Opera is to enable students to pursue a professional career as an opera singer. The program imparts all relevant skills in singing, music and performance. Performances in university productions as well as active cooperation with theaters in the region provide students with a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience for their future careers. The extensive list of graduates in recent years impressively demonstrates the first-class professional qualification character of the program.

The Master's program in Voice/Opera deepens the qualifications acquired in the Bachelor's program. These include, in particular, vocal sovereignty in dealing with the personal aria repertoire with regard to theatrical auditions. In addition, students acquire the ability to deal consciously and individually with the means of scenic presentation and thereby create dramaturgically sound role profiles that are also relevant for today. Students are cast in opera productions up to twice a year to gain stage practice and participate in audition training twice a semester. In addition, the scenic classes also pay increased attention to aspects of presentation and content delivery in the students' respective audition programs.

Within the framework of the two-year master's program, students are taught not only artistic skills, but also discipline, perseverance and reliability, as these qualities are essential for a successful and lasting performance as a singer.

In the protected space of the university, the students get to know the realistic conditions and challenges of everyday life as a singer in the theater business. In competition with each other, the graduates can deal with each other respectfully and appropriately process successes and defeats. In addition, they develop an individual profile with a strong character, taking into account their individual strengths, and are able to create their own artistic challenges.

Graduates are able to perceive and actively shape artistic and social developments. The stage performance, the various role profiles developed by the students are socially and historically contextualized, traditional gender roles are sensitively reflected and the coming together of very different nationalities and/or cultural backgrounds is understood as an ideal nucleus for an overall social togetherness. Theater play is understood here above all as a "mirror of human existence," which presupposes a very responsible approach to the works and their message and effect.

In their artistic activities, students are constantly challenged to actively and creatively deal with personal, social and political issues. On this basis, students develop and reflect on their individual personalities, self-confidence in their own actions as well as cultural competencies are strengthened and prepare them for a changing professional world.


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