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Dear students,

the deadline for re-registration was 30 June 2023.

If you have not yet re-registered by mistake, please transfer the outstanding re-registration fee immediately. This will prevent you from exmatriculation due to missing re-registration and if you are fast you avoid extra fees.

Cost of study

Upon enrollment or re-registration, fees and charges will be levied per semester:

Re-registration fees (Neues Haus: € 365,02, Expo Plaza: € 393,02) consists of AStA fee, semester ticket GVH, statewide semester ticket, student union fee and administrative fee

Long term study fees
Each student has a study credit. The study credit results from the number of semesters of the standard period of study for the chosen undergraduate degree program plus six additional semesters. For a consecutive Master degree programme, the study credit increases by the number of semesters of the standard period of study for this program. The study credit is reduced by the number of semesters of a previous course of study at a german institution of higher education which is either under state responsibility or is permanently financed by the state. Students whose study credit has been used up must pay a long-term study fee of 500.00 euros per semester due to the increased use of the state-funded university facilities.

In addition to the re-registration fee, tuition fees for supplementary courses are charged to students enrolled in fee-based supplementary courses.

For advice in individual cases, please contact the Enrollment Office.



  • Beate Heitmüller

    Department for Studies and Teaching | Matriculation Office, Examination Office Junior Students, Solo Class

    Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
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    E007 | Loebensteinstraße 2

    Phone: +49 (0)511 3100-7223

    Office hours: Mo 09:30-12 Uhr | Di 09:30-12 Uhr und 14-15:30 Uhr | Do 14-15:30 Uhr | und nach Vereinbarung

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