Gundlach Music Prize

The Gundlach Foundation and the construction group Gundlach GmbH & Co. in 2004 endowed the “Gundlach Music Prize” for HMTMH students.

With the establishment of the “Gundlach Music Prize”, the HMTMH now has a prize specially created for its own students. It will be awarded every two years in future to three students of the University. The main criteria for the Jury is artistic excellence, social commitment as well as the economic situation of the Family. The scholarship winners will be selected by an independent panel of experts.

The two-year scholarship provides for a monthly grant of 300 € and gives its winners the opportunity to live and practise free of charge at the “Vielharmonie”, a house not far from the HMTMH (Rumannstrasse 9) specially converted for the purpose by the Gundlach company. The house offers a flat for each scholarship holder and a soundproof practice room to be used by all of them, equipped with a grand piano and big enough for chamber music and ensemble rehearsals to take place there. As a cherry on the “Vielharmonie” scholarship cake, the house has a music pavilion, recently restored, in the garden.

In addition to providing this material support to particularly talented and committed students, the donors hope that the prize will improve the practice situation for music students and give them inspiration for joint projects.

The students’ artistic development will be reflected in public concerts at the HMTMH and/or the “Vielharmonie”.



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Last modified: 2021-02-25

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