"Music Needs Friends"

Impressions of the 2006 “Music Needs Friends” gala concert.

The initiative

In 2004, two HMTMH graduates, Andrej Bielow and Johann Weiss, set up the HMTMH’s first scholarship initiative under the name “Music Needs Friends” (Musik braucht Freunde - MbF).

Applicants must be students following one of the musical performance/artistic training programmes. The first five scholarships were awarded in the winter semester 2006/07.

MbF is financed by a series of concerts given by HMTMH students and teaching staff under the artistic direction of the two initiators. The last concert of the series on 11 December 2006 raised around €15,000. From 2007 onwards, a scholarship holders’ concert is to take place at the beginning of each summer semester and a gala concert shortly before Christmas. The concerts will be distinguished by their broad artistic range and an unusually high quality of performance. 

Award of scholarships

Interested students can apply by submitting the form which will be available for downloading from May 2007 onwards, together with a curriculum vitae. Applicants must formulate their study aims in an interview. Furthermore, they must explain why they need financial support. The application documents may be submitted and the interview held either in German or in English. Students who are awarded scholarships are required to give an undertaking to appear at concerts supported by MbF, and to allow the HMTMH to publish recordings of their performances.

Scholarship models

MbF provides funding in accordance with a variety of models:

  • Assistance is provided for a period of two semesters. After the expiry of this period, students can apply for MbF assistance for a further two semesters.
  • Assistance is provided for a period of four semesters. After this period, no further assistance is possible.
  • Individual bursaries: MbF will pay a student's tuition fees for one semester, once only. It might do so, for example, to assist students who are subject to excessive stress during their examination semesters, or who are pregnant.
  • A one-off sum is provided. This model enables the panel to assist students in situations of acute hardship.

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