Studmail will change

What do I have to do after the change?

On 26 July 21, StudMail has been renewed. You can log on to as usual with your normal HMTMH user ID and the corresponding password . Your user ID is usually formed from your full last name and the first letter(s) of your first name.
User-ID and password are identical with the access data for the LMS, the WLAN, the PCs in the copy room and the qis.hispro.

If you have already set up Studmail in your mail program, we recommend that you adjust the settings to the new system (from POP3 to IMAP) after the change. This change from POP3 to IMAP is important, because only after changing to IMAP it is possible to keep several devices in sync.

Why Studmail?

We kindly ask you to use your Studmail by all means. For data protection reasons, we are required to communicate with you by e-mail only via this address. Furthermore, only these addresses are stored in the distribution lists. Therefore, by using your Studmail, you ensure that you receive important information from the university.

Why is HMTMH changing the Studmail and what are the advantages for me?

The current system no longer corresponds to the current state of technology and IT security. Therefore, we are switching Studmail to a new server platform.

For you, the changeover will bring many advantages

  • a modern and intuitive user interface on the latest standard;
  • IMAP instead of POP3 -> all mailboxes are synchronized on all end devices;
  • new up-to-date encryption formats (TLS 1.2 and 1.3) provide more security and compatibility;
  • from now on no more error messages due to the encryptions;
  • integration into common mail programs possible; you can now easily integrate Studmail into your mail programs and apps (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, Applemail etc.).

Please note: With the Studmail conversion, the need for automatic forwarding is usually eliminated. For technical and legal reasons, automatic forwardings will be deactivated with the transition!

I have further questions - what can I do?

  • Since the IT department cannot advise all students by phone, we have set up a forum for you to post your questions. You can find the forum in the LMS -> Intranet -> Forum für Fragen zur Umstellung der Studmail.
  • We have also created a handout for you. You can find it in the LMS forum and download a pdf (in German) here.

Last modified: 2023-12-07

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