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Student ID - Access data - Matriculation number

How do I get my student ID, the access data for Self-Service and E-Learning and how do I find out my matriculation number?

You can get this information in person at the Immatrikulationsamt (Enrollment Office) which is usually called „I-Amt“. The I-Amt is located at Loebensteinstraße 2 on the first floor.

Students of the Department of Journalism and Communication Research (IJK) can obtain these documents directly at the IJK department (Expo Plaza 12).


The HMTMH Card is your student ID card and will be given to you at the beginning of your studies.

The card serves as

  • Room use authorization card in order to use classrooms and practice rooms at the Neues Haus location - for this purpose, the HMTMH-Card must be deposited at the reception for the duration of use.
  • Semester ticket: In connection with a valid official document with photo, students can use all trains and buses of the Greater Hannover Transport Authority (GVH) and all trains of the Lower Saxony regional transport in the 2nd class areas.
  • Library card: The HMTMH card is also a library card for all libraries in the HOBSY network. You only have to register once with the HMTMH-Card in each library you want to use and present your proof of address.
  • Mensa-Card: You can use the card for any payments at the catinas and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Hannover.
  • Discount card - upon presentation of the HMTMH Card, many institutions in Hannover offer student discounts.
  • Key for the TIB library lockers and the university sports lockers.

In case of problems or loss of the card, please contact the e-mail address hmtmh-card@hmtm-hannover.de or the I-Amt.

Online registration for the libraries

If you do not yet have a library card (HOBSY card), it is best to register in advance before your first visit. This will make on-site registration easier and quicker:

Online registration at the Central Library: https://opac.tib.eu/registration/hmtmh/

Online registration at the library in the Kurt-Schwitters-Forum (Expo-Plaza): https://opac.tib.eu/registration/ksf/

After registering, you can use your HMTMH card as a library card.

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