Studies Commission I

For the courses Voice (B. Mus.), Pianoforte (B. Mus.), Composition (B. Mus.), Musical Performance (B. Mus.), Voice, concentration for freelance singers (M. Mus.), Voice, Opera concentration (M. Mus.), Chamber Music (M. Mus.), Composition (M. Mus.), Musical Performance (M. Mus.), Keyboard Instruments (M. Mus.), Junior Music Studies, Solo Performance Class

Dean of Studies: Prof. Volker Jacobsen
Voting members: Prof. Leonid Gorokhov, Prof. Alexander Schimpf, Prof. Anne Champert | Kilian Debus, Nicola Maisenbacher, Tsuzumi Namikawa

Studies Commission II

For the courses Conducting (B. Mus.), Joint Bachelor’s degree course, major subject Music (B. A.), Musical Performance and Education (B. Mus.), Education for Special Needs (B. A.), Composition (M. Mus.), Conducting Children’s and Youth Choirs (M. Mus.), Church Music (M. Mus.), Musical Performance and Education (M. Mus.), Higher Secondary Teaching Qualification (M. Ed.), Music Theory (M. Mus.), Education for Special Needs (M. Ed.)

Dean of Studies: Dr. Lorenz Luyken
Voting members: Prof. Frank Löhr, Prof. Tobias Rokahr, Prof. Dr. Andrea Welte | Robin Hlinka, Kaja Nieland, Nils Schäfer

Studies Commission III

For the courses JazzRockPop (B. Mus.), Media Management (B. A.), Popular Music (B. Mus.), JazzRockPop (M. Mus.), Media Management (M. A.), Media and Music (M. A.), Music Research and Music Education (M. A.), Acting ("Diplom" degree), Doctorate in Musicology, Musical Education, Philosophy, Communication Science

Dean of Studies: Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter
Voting members: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kopiez, Prof. Dr. Helmut Scherer, Dr. Raphael D. Thöne | Maren Bagge, Jannika Prohl, Emily Sophie Klinge

Commission solo classes

Prof. Johannes Peitz, Prof. Bernd Goetzke, Prof. Krzysztof Wegrzyn

Committee for the library

Prof. Dr. Volker Helbing, Prof. Andreas Felber, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kopiez, Prof. Dr. Franz Riemer, Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller-Lindenberg, Prof. Ute Becker

non-professoral teaching staff:
Dr. Miranda Crowdus, Dr. Nepomuk Riva

Vanessa Clavey

technical staff and administration:
Dr. Katharina Talkner, Susanne Rase

Full-time vice president as durable guest

Commission of equal opportunities

Dr. Susanne Rode-Breymann (Vorsitz), Ute Becker, Henryk Böhm, Sabine Ritterbusch, Tobias Rokahr

Research assistants:
Maren Bagge

Technical staff and administration:
Susanne Rase

Viola Herbst

Committee for the orchestra

Prof. Krzysztof Wegrzyn, Prof. Leonid Gorokhov, Prof. Ekkehard Beringer, Prof. Jonas Bylund, Prof. Andreas Boettger

Consortium of evaluation

Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller (chair), Prof. Marina Sandel

Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter

Non-professorial teaching staff:
Dr. Raphael Thöne, Dr. Karin Wessel

Joscha Eggers

Technical staff and administration:
Gerlinde Lanclée, Birgit Fritzen

Consortium of ressources for improving study quality

Vice president:
Dr. Michael Müller-Bahns

Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter;

Technical staff and administration:
Dr. Antonia Gohr

Deputies of the commissions (students):
Nicola Maisenberger (I), Nils Schäfer (II), Jannika Prohl (III)

Deputy of the student-parliament:
Niklas Feierabend



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