Dr. Michael Müller-Bahns (temporarily charged with the conduct of affairs)

Markus Becker
Henryk Böhm
Stefan Mey
Dr. Raphael Thöne
Dr. Stefan Weiss
Dr. Andrea Welte
Dr. Carsten Winter

Research assistants
Anna Theresa Roth
Charlotte Schrimpff

Members of the technical staff and the administration
Daniela John
Matthias Senf

Emil Böhm
Malte Klingenberg

Honorary Senators

  • Bruno Frey (1920-2005)
  • Professorin Dr. Dr. h. c. Ursula Hansen
  • Karsten Höhns
  • Professor Dr. Wolfgang Laade (1924-2013)
  • Claus Lange
  • Dr. h. c. Hartwig Piepenbrock (1937-2013)
  • Ernst-August Schrader (1931-2021)
  • Professor Dr. Jörg Sennheiser
  • Mariann Steegmann (1939-2001)


    NHG § 41 (only available in German)

    Zur Rolle des Senats (About the role of the Senate)

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