University council

Members of the University council of the HMTMH

  • Prof. Markus Becker, Professor for Piano at the HMTMH
  • Prof. Dr. Sonning Bredemeier, Chairman of the Lower Saxony Institute for Economic Research, Hanover 
  • Prof. Dr. Romy Fröhlich, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
  • Dr. Stephan Venzke, Department of Science and Culture for Lower Saxony
  • Sharon Kam, Artist
  • Dr. Michael Klügl, Artistic director of the Opera of Lower Saxony
  • Folkert Uhde, Concert Manager 


    NHG § 52 (only available in German)

    Zur Rolle des Hochschulrats (About the role of the University council)

    Last modified: 2017-10-10

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