The Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover (HMTMH) is one of Germany´s most renowned institutions for professional training and academic study in the cultural and artistic field. Some 400 teachers, amongst them numerous internationally celebrated artists, educationalists and academics, teach nearly 1,500 students from all over the world. The balance between music, drama, education and academic research and the commitment to excellence both at the highest level of solo performance and also in the broader training of ensemble players and teachers are at the core of HMTMH’s understanding of its role. To this end, the University provides a broad but differentiated offering of courses and programs, currently consisting of 33 study programs supplemented by world-class master classes.

About 500 public concerts and performances a year make the HMTMH one of the biggest organizers of cultural events in the State of Lower Saxony. In order to provide long-term support for “Hanover, Region of Culture” and “Lower Saxony, Land of Music”, Lower Saxony’s only conservatoire stays in a permanent exchange with society and initiates a number of musical outreach activities.

The highest level of international recognition accorded the HMTMH has always been for its artistic performance programs. The overall focus is on the promotion of individual talent as well as of orchestral competence. In the instrumental performance programs professors teach all orchestral instruments except the harp – this is a clear commitment to the professional training of orchestral musicians right across the board, and secures the HMTMH a top ranking position both in a national and in an international perspective.

The Departments of Chamber Music, Contemporary Music, Ancient Music, Jazz|Rock|Pop and Musicology are sources of artistic inspiration for the HMTMH’s wider range of offerings. Furthermore, the Institute for the Early Advancement of the Musically Highly Gifted (IFF), established in 2001, plays a vital role in providing professional training for talented young musicians.


Last modified: 2021-07-13

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