Jazz and Jazz related Music

Regular course length: 8 semesters
Course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music

The JazzRockPop Bachelor’s degree course offers a well-balanced combination, fitting to a later professional routine, of performance, academic and educational content. An individual profile can and should be determined in accordance with the student’s inclination and talents. Thus students may develop a profile relating primarily to jazz or to rock and pop. In addition to the regular content of the curriculum, there are regular workshops and master classes with outstanding international musicians.

  1. Course content and objective
    The course of study covers
    - the principal instrumental study subjects: composition, pianoforte (including keyboard), saxophone, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, double bass, electronic bass, percussion, jazz violin, jazz viola, jazz violoncello, voice
    - one subsidiary instrumental study subject
    - other subjects selected from: music theory, arrangement/ composition/ songwriting; musicology; education and teaching methods etc.
    The program is structured in two study sections. Besides of the individual instrumental lessons, students are taught in Jazz theory, arrangement, combo, Big band, musicology and music communication. Starting from the 5th semester (2nd study section) additional elective courses can be chosen. The program prepares for a dual qualification – one is being a performing artist and the other is to work in the field of music communication and education.
    The aim of the course is therefore the attainment of one of a number of diverse qualifications, in accordance with the professional realities, either of an artistic or of an educational and methodological nature, together with academic training (to increase the chances of finding suitable employment).

  3. Tuition
    All the subjects making up the course are integrated into a carefully balanced overall concept. This guarantees a reliable basic qualification for the professional environment selected. The manifold opportunities for specialisation, the workshops and master classes that are on offer and the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme in order to acquire more profound knowledge abroad all serve to make up an offering of outstanding diversity. 

  5. Who is the course aimed at?
    The course is addressed to interested persons who, in addition to having had good earlier artistic training, hold at least a lower secondary school leaving certificate. In addition, they must possess that openness towards innovation and change in the field of the electronic media that is taken for granted in the fields of jazz and of rock/pop, and an inclination towards musical improvisation.

  7. Career outlook
    In accordance with the qualifications referred to, the course offers first and foremost training for freelance activity with an individual mix of performance and (instrumental and vocal) educational content; but also for studio work (producing) and composition/arrangement/ songwriting. Graduates seeking a position with an employer are most likely to find it at a music school or other teaching institution.

Programme learning outcomes


The Bachelor's degree course in Jazz and Jazz related Music prepares students for a working life in changing professional fields as well as for further specialisation and in-depth study in the Master's degree course in Jazz Rock Pop in freelance work.

The central objective of the degree programme is to develop an independent artistic personality that can cope with the diverse demands of the professional field both physically and mentally. This includes outstanding knowledge and skills in the main instrumental subject, a convincing presence as an artist on stage and in the studio, excellent knowledge in the areas of composition and arrangement as well as mastery of a wide stylistic range in various jazz/rock/pop genres.

After completing the programme, graduates are qualified to work in various ensemble contexts (duo, trio, jazz ensemble, big band, choir, film music orchestra), both artistically and as composers. A further focus of the programme is on acquiring pedagogical skills, which pave the way for an optimal start to a professional career and enable them to work as private teachers as well as at municipal music schools/university institutes.

As part of regular musical interaction with their fellow students, graduates have tried out the standard jazz rock pop repertoire and, above all, their own compositions. Graduates are able to reflect on their skills in a civil society context and actively contribute to society in an artistic or educational capacity. They also have knowledge of music theory and music analysis and a trained ear. They also have relevant knowledge of self-marketing and self-management.


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