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Update 11 November 2021

As of today, an updated hygiene plan is in effect (link to pdf – in German). For a quick overview, the most important changes to the previous version are listed below:

  • The 3G rule and contact data collection via darfichrein.de have been added.
  • The restrictions on group sizes in teaching and practice rooms based on room size as well as the incidence-based rules have been dropped.
  • In addition, the access prohibitions for close contacts have been updated: Based on the Lower Saxony Segregation Ordinance, the general access prohibitions for contact persons or household members do not apply to vaccinated or recovered persons who do not show symptoms.

Update 20 July 2021

On July 16, the last regular COVID-19 update for university members in SoSe 2021 was released. In the lecture-free period, there will be corresponding updates on an ad hoc basis (e.g. due to incidence or when a new hygiene plan is adopted).

The following applies unchanged:

Mobile work-at-home regulations expired on June 30. Exceptions are possible until the end of the semester upon presentation of a specific and current medical certificate or, for example, in the case of pandemic-related care needs.

The procedure of room reservations for practice and class operations for contact tracking will remain in effect for the remainder of the semester, i.e., until the start of the winter semester lecture period.

The June 15 hygiene plan is in effect (link to pdf file, only in German). A simplified overview of the incidence-based regulations can be found on the HMTMH website (only in German).

HMTMH's testing policy still applies. You can find it on the COVID-19 overview page or download the pdf file directly (only in German).

Update 24 June 2021

The regulations on mobile working at home expire on June 30: As of July 1, the place of work for technical, administrative and library employees is once again exclusively the university. Exceptions are possible until the end of the semester upon presentation of a specific and current medical certificate or, for example, in the case of a pandemic-related need for care. In these cases, the respective faculty supervisor should speak with Human Resources.

The applicable incidence-based rules can now be found in a separate overview in the COVID-19 info section of the website (only in German).

Update 17 June 2021

The new hygiene plan came into force on 15 June (pdf for download). It builds on the previous one, but in particular the regulations based on incidences have been revised.

The regulations for practising and teaching in the rooms of the HMTMH announced in the update of 14 June are still in force (Attention: Changes for incidence >50). External guests are permitted within the framework of teaching, subject to the requirements of the hygiene plan and, if applicable, the relevant hygiene concept. (Change in case of incidence >50)

Stage presence training, class evenings and examinations are possible in all rooms provided for this purpose, non-publicly with internal audiences and invited guests under the teacher's own responsibility. The area guideline of 10m²/person applies. All persons attending must be recorded in accordance with the specifications for contact tracking (as a rule, via the known form) (change for incidence >50).

Public event operations will resume on 22 June, restricted to the Richard Jakoby Saal. Access to events, also for external guests, is possible without proof of testing (change for incidence >35). It is also compulsory to wear a medical mask during the event.

Test concept
The HMTMH test concept continues to apply, which is based on a combination of citizen and university-issued self-tests (pdf for download).

Mobile working from home
The regulations are still in force. A gradual return to the university workplace has been initiated in consultation with the head of the department or institute.

Mandatory masks
Where mouth-to-nose covering must be worn in HMTMH buildings, there is still a requirement to wear a medical mask (surgical masks as well as masks with FFP2, KN95 or N95 labelling).
Der öffentliche Veranstaltungsbetrieb wird zum 22. Juni wieder aufgenommen, beschränkt auf den Richard Jakoby Saal. Der Zugang zu Veranstaltungen, auch für externe Gäste, ist ohne Testnachweis möglich (Änderung bei Inzidenz >35). Es herrscht auch während der Veranstaltung die Pflicht zum Tragen einer medizinischen Maske.

Update 14 June 2021

Since Monday, 14 June, the following regulations apply to practice and lessons in the rooms of the HMTMH: The maximum permissible group size depends on the room size and ventilation possibilities. In principle, a minimum distance of 1.5 m applies, with a deviation of 3 m for wind instruments, singing and acting, as well as an area of at least 10 m² per person. Except for wind instruments, singing and acting, this may be deviated from for rooms of 20 m² or more if a minimum distance of 1.5 m can be maintained; in this case, a minimum area of 7 m² per person generally applies. The responsibility lies with the teacher in charge. The limit of 10 participants is lifted.

In addition, since 14 June, the following applies to teaching and examination events: External guests are permitted in compliance with the hygiene plan (currently still valid in the version of 27 April; link to pdf file) and, if applicable, the relevant hygiene concept.

For more clarity previous updates habe been removed.


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